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The Only Design Program That Teaches You To Make Money While You Learn to Design


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Carina's Exclusive Designer Program: Design Suite

Learn more about what Design Suite members are saying about the only program that teaches designers to make money as they learn to design. Design Suite is only open to Design Bootcamp members. Please sign up for a Design Bootcamp to talk to admissions about the best program for you and pricing.

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Carina's Book Make Art That Sells - AVAILABLE NOW! 

Need the formula for success? Make Art That Sells will walk you through how to get your artwork to sell!

Available in Hard Cover, Paperback, Audible (Coming soon), and Kindle!

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Want to more from the book?

Dig into the formula in the Make Art That Sells Masterclass! (Use coupon code in book to get for free.)

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Carina's Book Design Profit & Prosper Will Help You Get Started 

This book was written for designers everywhere who have struggled to create sales in their design businesses. Learn how Carina got started, her models for creating an exceptional business, and what you need to do to become profitable too!

Available in Full Color Hard Cover, Paperback, Audible, and Kindle!

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Love the book, but want more?

 Dig into the models, stories, and profitability with Carina in her Design Profit & Prosper Masterclass!

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Our Most Popular Course That Will Help You Understand Sales

Thousands of aspiring and struggling designers have taken our 10 day or Live Design Bootcamp to learn strategies for making money in their businesses.

It is our most inexpensive course at just $27!

You will be blown away by how much you will learn!

Want to learn about Carina's Exclusive Design Suite Program? Only available to Design Bootcampers.

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Hi! I'm Carina.

I believe learning design should be a practical process. In my programs, we don't just learn software, we learn to actually design things that make money.

My time as a Professor at a university and as a Creative Director of a scrapbooking company has contributed to me building programs that teach designers to MAKE MONEY as they learn to design.

Learn How to Make Money As A Designer

Carina believes every designer should be making money. How are your sales? Are you ready to stop struggling?

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Learn Design From Home

There have never been so many ways to make money as a designer! If you have ever wanted to get into surface pattern design, Silhouette or Cricut design, printables, clipart, fonts, and more, you have come to the right place!

Ready to get started?

Download my free guide: 7 Tips Nobody Will Tell You About Becoming a Surface Pattern Designer

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What Do Design Suite Members Love?

There is so much to love in this program that is all about YOU becoming the profitable designer you have always wanted to be!

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Learn Design from the Make & Design Podcast

Get a dose of design every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the Make and Design Podcast with Carina Gardner!

Available on Spotify, iTunes, Google, and anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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