Have you ever wondered what really makes art sell? Carina lays out how you need to start thinking like a customer to create art that consistently is bought.

  • Learn how artists of the past influence our thoughts today about selling artwork
  • Practical strategies to start creating art work that sell
  • Her secrets and models for finding ways to make sure you are consistently creating art that has a market

Carina’s background includes teaching at a university, creative directing at a large scrapbooking company, and owning her own thriving design business for over fifteen years. Carina shares art history as well as her own stories to create art that has a built in audience.

Available in Audible, Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle versions.

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Praise for Make Art That Sells

Carina is a non-stop, goal getting, design machine leader in the design industry. She is a go-getter with a ton of knowledge that inspires all those around her to catapult into their next level of education, design and business. Carina is always coming up with new ideas to pivot to make money in business that we all can learn from. She definitely keeps you on your toes with new knowledge and strategy for next steps of growth in your business.

       -- Kristi Egle, designer


Carina Gardner is revolutionizing the world of art education by teaching what university courses do not teach - how to build a business and make money with art. Carina not only has the formal education but can prove her methods with years of building high earning art businesses. She is the real deal. I owe her a debt of gratitude for teaching me how to create my own successful art business. She truly wants to see her designers succeed and will do all that a she can to make sure it happens.

              -- Sharia Morton, surface pattern and die cut designer

Available in Paperback, Hardcover, Audible, and Kindle on Amazon

Learn how to think smarter about the way you create your art!

Carina shares her secret models and her keys to success.

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